Handmade gifts & accessories to touch & feel, from the softness of a fleece fabric blanket to the hard grain of a wooden bowl.

Our Business: Tangible Treats is a hobby business born out of a love for sewing, crafting, and woodworking. Tangible stands for items that you can touch and feel. Items you can hold and textures you can appreciate. We make things from fabric and wood so that our items have textures that you can feel, from the softness of a fleece blanket fabric to a hard grain wood. Treats stands for the enjoyment and delight each piece hopes to bring its new owner and the delight it brought us to make it.
Here you will find a unique collection of beautifully handcrafted items that were designed to appeal to the creative spirit, treat the senses, and bring simple delight to all.
What We Do: We make hand-turned wooden items like band saw boxes, bowls, pens, seam rippers, bottle openers, holiday ornaments, cheese slicers, and more. We also make handcrafted sewn, embroidered, knitted, crocheted and beaded items such as floral pins, purses, scarves, jewelry, totes and more!
Who We Are:
A family of creatives, each with talents & experience in various media. Dad/Wood Working Master spends his “retirement” covered in sawdust. Me? I’m a Designer-Seamstress, Quilter, Computer Geek, Full-time Working Mother with a Craft & Coffee Addiction.

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